That’s a good sign


The Cambre House has always been a family project since my grandparents bought it. In October of 1982, grandma gave a presentation on the house to the Hancock county historical society. We still have the slides and the index cards she used to give the presentation. My favorite part tells about our family.

“The day of the sale, one of relatives said to me as we stood in the backyard and watched an eagle soar over head ‘Thats’s a good sign.’ However, the time I stepped on a snake in the pump house, and another time when a fresh gallon of red paint fell down the cellar steps with the lid coming off the third step from the bottom and the whole gallon going on the cellar floor made me wonder if maybe it was a buzzard instead.
However on the whole, it has been a fascinating experience. The happy times have outweighed the others. I want to say that even though it has been my project, if it hadn’t been for the help and support of my husband, my brother Bill who stood by to lend financial assistance if needed the day of the sale, and has helped on innumerable projects, and my sister Clara Jean Boyd who has researched the historical significance of the place, this would never have evolved to this stage.”

We are so thankful the for continued help and support of our families as we continue forward. This picture shows Uncle Bill Lionberger in front of the Apple shed during one of the fall open house and craft shows that my grandparents held during the 1980’s.

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