Month: June 2017

The Rope Bed

Our grandparents had a passion for history and antiques. The Cambre House was a natural extension of that love. They filled the house with antique furniture that they had collected over many years of going to auctions. Some original pieces built by Adolphe Cambre,… Continue Reading “The Rope Bed”

That’s a good sign

The Cambre House has always been a family project since my grandparents bought it. In October of 1982, grandma gave a presentation on the house to the Hancock county historical society. We still have the slides and the index cards she used to give… Continue Reading “That’s a good sign”

The apple bench

When our grandparents bought the farm they also bought some of the handmade furniture that Adolphe Cambre built. This apple bench was one that was bought at the sale in 1979. The shelf underneath was for boxes and provided a quiet place to rest… Continue Reading “The apple bench”

Paint with Us!

Last weekend while Rebecca and I were at the Cambre House, we had a girls night and sipped some wine and made our versions of Monet paintings.  We laughed and chatted about things.  It was a cool and sunny evening so we were painting… Continue Reading “Paint with Us!”

Ok… now what?

In October 2016, we were able to purchase the property. Since then we have worked on doing needed repairs and some updates and also planning. So that’s the short version of the story. When will we be done with this project? Probably never. There… Continue Reading “Ok… now what?”


Our grandparents had bought the house at an auction in 1979, from the Cambre descendants. Adolphe Cambre had built the house 150 years ago and his children and grandchildren had built an orchard and berry farm on the property. Our grandmother’s family had frequented… Continue Reading “1979”

What to do with the Cambre House

This is the excerpt for your very first post.