The apple bench


When our grandparents bought the farm they also bought some of the handmade furniture that Adolphe Cambre built. This apple bench was one that was bought at the sale in 1979. The shelf underneath was for boxes and provided a quiet place to rest in the orchard. The piece still had the original milk paint from when it was first built in the 1860’s. Grandma placed it at the top of the stairs and it remained there the entire time they owned the house.

After my grandfather died, the family held an auction and sold the antiques that my grandparents had collected over their many years of going to auctions. I went with the intention of getting a few special pieces that held the most memories. This was one of the pieces that I bought. Way back before buying the house was even an idea. I remember sitting on the bench looking out the upstairs widow watching all the people come and go during the fall open houses. I returned the bench to its spot for our memorial day open house where my little girl sat watching all the people come and go.

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