Ghost Tours

Have you ever wondered what happens at Cambre House after it gets dark?

Built on a limestone bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, with a mineral spring running underneath the property, we have a trifecta of energy! There is an overwhelming sense of peace here with a many layered history from Indians, a stagecoach route, and an unmarked grave.

So what are ghost tours?

Our tour is a paranormal investigation of the farm. The two hour tour gives you an introduction to a paranormal investigation like you see on Ghost Hunters. We often call this Ghost Hunting 101. I cover the types of paranormal activity, including what you might experience at the farm, different types of equipment used to try and document paranormal activity, and give a history of the house including the activity experienced on the farm. The best ghost stories are often those you experience yourself. I cannot guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience on your tour, but I can say that you will have a good time and you might have an experience.

Ghost Tours – $20 for 2 hour guided tour, $40 extended 9-midnight tour.

Overnight Investigation – $200

Haunted Wedding – $500 full use of our location for your wedding.

Check out the Upcoming Events page to see a schedule of upcoming Ghost Tours.


“Thanks for having us. We had a great time last night in your beautiful home. We heard footsteps several time, shadow movement from the from door to the dining room, and a door opened and slammed on command upstairs.”             ~Teri Peterson-Mosby

“We had such a good time on the tour! Loved interacting with Princess.”             ~Shayla Painter

“The Cambre House and Farm is an AMAZING location in Nauvoo, IL with a long history that has been well documented including several deaths. The spirits are from many different time eras.”           ~Kelly McCarville – Moonspinner

“I enjoyed the house so much. Can’t wait to come back and do it again.”                 ~Lloyd McLaughlin

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