Ghost Tours

Have you ever wondered what happens at Cambre House after it gets dark?

Built on a limestone bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, with a mineral spring running underneath the property, we have a trifecta of energy! There is an overwhelming sense of peace here with a many layered history from Indians, a stagecoach route, and an unmarked grave.

So what are ghost tours?

Our tour is a paranormal investigation of the farm. The two hour tour gives you an introduction to a paranormal investigation like you see on Ghost Hunters. We often call this Ghost Hunting 101. I cover the types of paranormal activity, including what you might experience at the farm, different types of equipment used to try and document paranormal activity, and give a history of the house including the activity experienced on the farm. The best ghost stories are often those you experience yourself. I cannot guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience on your tour, but I can say that you will have a good time and you might have an experience.

Ghost Tours – $20 for 2 hour guided tour. Tours are offered on a limited basis. Please check our Upcoming Events for dates.

Overnight Investigation – $250 Conduct your own investigation of the house. Starts at 5pm with a private history tour and then you are on your own to look for paranormal activity. Check out is at 9am. Call or text 309-221-9803 to check for availability and to book.

Haunted Wedding – $750 full use of our location for your wedding. Includes two overnight stays in the home where you can look for activity. Check out the WEDDING page for full details.



“Thanks for having us. We had a great time last night in your beautiful home. We heard footsteps several time, shadow movement from the from door to the dining room, and a door opened and slammed on command upstairs.”             ~Teri Peterson-Mosby

“We had such a good time on the tour! Loved interacting with Princess.”             ~Shayla Painter

“The Cambre House and Farm is an AMAZING location in Nauvoo, IL with a long history that has been well documented including several deaths. The spirits are from many different time eras.”           ~Kelly McCarville – Moonspinner

“I enjoyed the house so much. Can’t wait to come back and do it again.”                 ~Lloyd McLaughlin

Want to see more?

Check out these investigations at the farm.

Our Investigation for World’s Largest Ghost Hunt with Madison and Augusta Paranormal.
Traveler’s Moon Investigation. This has an incredible Estes session at 1:10.
Mike Ricksecker investigation.
Exploring Revenants Paranormal – great estes session.
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