The Rope Bed

Our grandparents had a passion for history and antiques. The Cambre House was a natural extension of that love. They filled the house with antique furniture that they had collected over many years of going to auctions. Some original pieces built by Adolphe Cambre, some from auctions, and a few original creations, all came together with Grandma’s vision to create a house that was like stepping back in time.

This bed was one of those pieces that was upstairs in the house for many years. When they started having fall craft shows my Uncle Bill took pictures of the house and sent them to be printed in articles in the local papers. This picture appeared in the Fort Madison paper at that time.

They bought a lot of antiques at auctions, and they also sold some. The bed was sold sometime after they stopped having the annual open house. My sister found it for sale at an antique store in Macomb and instantly recognized it. She bought it and used it in her own house. It followed her through a few moves and fifteen years later she returned it for our open house on memorial day. It is in the same spot upstairs that it was all those years. I still find it amazing that she just happened to run across it, but am so glad that it has returned home.

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