Have you ever thought about eloping? There is something magical about the big fancy wedding with all your family and friends. The big party and having everyone there to see your special day is truely a special one of a kind event. Then there is the clean simplicity of eloping. Getting away for a weekend and coming back to start a new married life.

With the current pandemic situation more people are considering an elopement. So many celebrations and events are being postponed or cancelled. I cannot imagine how disapointing it would be to plan your wedding for a year or more and then be forced to postpone it by several months. Couples who don’t want to lose the special date are instead eloping. Having a quick simple service now and then having a reception later on when things, hopefully, return to normal.

I booked an elopement earlier this year for a couple that is getting married at the end of May. They are getting very excited for their big day and we realized that even if the current stay at home orders are in place, they will still be able to have their perfect wedding at the farm. Their gathering is under ten people and they were able to obtian the marriage liscence with out a problem. Thinking of all the couples that have had to postpone their big day I realized that the elopment package might be an option for them. I have added an elopement package to the website and look for more posts on Facebook and Instagram explaining it in detail.

The package includes overnight accommodations at the farm, and use of the house, barn and grounds for your day. You can have the ceremony wherever you want. From inside the house, overlooking the river, on our beach, or in the barn. The possiblities are endlesss. We have an officiant who is available if you do not have one already. The package includes a champagne gift basket from Baxter’s winery and add ons are available from Monetebello Gardens and Sugarlumps bakery. There are also a couple photographers who are willing to come and photograph your day, while maintaining social distancing.

My hope with offering this elopement package is that brides will still be able to have their special memorable day while still keeping in compliance with social distancing guidelines. The beautiful pictures and location will give still be as beatiful and memorable years later. Though it may not be exactly the wedding that had been planned, it will still be a magical memorable day. If you know a couple that you think would be interested please pass my information to them. I will be glad to help them out in any way I can.

Hope you all are staying healthy and safe!


Criver at sunset
Mississippi River at sunset.


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  1. Hey! This is fabulous. The elopement is an excellent idea!

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