A New year, finally!

I think we are all grateful to be moving into 2021 and out of 2020. Although this new year has started off a little on the rough side, there is something about a fresh new year that is full of possiblities and hope. I personally learned a lot in 2020 about myself and how to host events in a pandemic, a skill I never knew I would need! I feel very optimistic about the schedule of events for next year, and I hope you do too!

Back again is our annual Memorial Day Craft Show which will be held on Monday May 31st. This is the fifth year for the craft show. Last year this was moved to October and we had a beautiful but chilly weekend. This year we are back to May. Having the show at the begining of summer lets me show off all the work we did over the winter. I am not sure if I will do the show in the fall again because fall ends up being very busy for everyone, but I might change my mind. The trees really are pretty with the fall leaves, but I think they are pretty in the spring too. I get a lot of questions about the vendor spaces. The spaces are 12×12 foot outside spots. I do not provide tents or tables and spots are first come first served on the day of the event. I counted 25 spots in the front yard, but I can always expand to the backyard and the hay field if I get that many vendors. One of the advantages of having ten acres of grass is that I can use it for whatever I need. So I will have plenty spots available and its very unlikely I will run out. This also means I have plenty of room for social distancing.

Painting Classes are making a return as well. I have two currently scheduled. July 23rd and 24th will be Monet Waterlilies. We had done a waterlily painting our first year and people often ask about doing it again. Waterlilies paintings are one of Monet’s most recognized pieces and showcase his skill with light and brushwork very well. The second class on August 20th and 21st will be Van Gogh’s Wheatfield. There is something about the wheat field paintings that remind me of Illinois fields. Van Gogh paintings have a lot of hidden depth that we find when we paint them. I am excited to do this one. As always, I offer painting classes for groups. You can pick your day and time and use any of our past paintings.

Ghost tours are back again! The Summer Soltice Paranormal Faire will be Saturday June 19th. We have several favorites returning along with new teams. Ghost tours will be Friday and Saturday evenings. Our two hour tours are designed as an introduction to ghost hunting. Many of the teams that are at the Faire help with the tours those evenings and it is a lot of fun!

October is going to be very exciting! Look for more news about an event that will be the second weekend of October. I am very excited about it and I know you will hear a lot more. Ghost tours will be October 15th and 16th, and I am working out details for the Halloween event. Last year was so much fun that we will be doing it again. I am working out the details on that one, but we will be investigating the Kingsley again on Saturday evening. Keep an eye out for the event. When I get the details solidified I will let you know.

What a fun year this will be! There are several weddings scheduled in there too. October is completely booked and June is very close. It looks like this will be a busy year. I can’t wait to see you all.

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