Virus Stuff- What we CAN do

I think we are all reaching the point where we are tired of hearing about cancellations and things that we can’t due becasue of COVID-19. We have that part down and I think there are about a bazillion articles on that. So I thought I would take the time to share things that we CAN do and things that you would be able to do right now at the Cambre House. Yes, even on quarantine lockdown we still have options!

Criver at sunset
Mississippi River at sunset.

Number One – You have probably seen the posts about the new Elopement package. You can get married at the farm right now. It is a beautiful time of year and the pictures from your wedding will be gorgeous. Your gathering will need to be under ten, however, it is still possible and you can livestream the event for your family and friends to watch all over the world.

C0622190753Number Two – Rent the cabin on the river, or the house for an overnight stay. I know many of you have had to cancel vacation plans that were made around large events. You can still have a vacation even if you are social distancing. Our secluded location is perfect for the private getaway with your family. I am following AirBNB and VRBO cleaning and disenfecting guidlines between each visit. Message me or check AirBNB for availablity.

0526182048Number Three – Paranormal investigations of the house. Again, as long as your team or group is under ten you can still investigate the farm. I have not had to cancel any of the investigations that were already scheduled and I still have openings. The weekends are filling up, but I can do weekdays as well.


Number Four – Livestream security camera. If you really don’t want to leave your home now you don’t have to! We installed a camera for Spirit Ream Network to live stream footage of upstairs at the farm. You can listen for footsteps or watch for movement upstairs. Check it out!

wedding venue nauvoo illinoisNumber Five – Support your local businesses. Look for what you can do to support your local businesses during this time. Whether it is picking up a carry out meal or buying a gift certificate for when you will be able to use their services again, there are many options for supporting local businesses. Check out their websites and facebook pages where they are offering details of how to support them. It is vital that we as a community come together to support each other. I have seen amazing examples of this over the last several months and I am sure you have as well. Small communities in particular know that our local businesses are owned by people not faceless coporations. When we come together and support each other we will come out of this stronger than ever before.

I am sure there are more things that we can do than I have thought of here. Share what you are able to do right now. We CAN do things right now and that is what I choose to focus on versus all the things that we can’t do.

Stay well friends, and I hope to see you soon!


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