Ghost Tours, Podcasts, and all the things

0526182048Ghost Tours, Podcasts, and all the things

October is almost here and I have been busy getting ready for our annual ghost tours. If you haven’t been on one, they are a fun experience. So what are ghost tours? Our tour is a paranormal investigation of the farm. The two hour tour gives you an introduction to a paranormal investigation like you see on Ghost Hunters. We often call this Ghost Hunting 101. I cover the types of paranormal activity, including what you might experience at the farm, different types of equipment used to try and document paranormal activity, and give a history of the house including the activity experienced on the farm. The best ghost stories are often those you experience yourself. I cannot guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience on your tour, but I can say that you will have a good time and you might have an experience.

Want to hear me talk about it? I will be on a few podcasts this month. First will be REP Paranormal and Friends which will be live on tonight, September 26th 8/7c. I will chatting with Kim and Allison about the house and paranormal activity. Should be a fun chat! Next up is the Graveyard Shift podcast. The graveyard shift team came to the farm on Sunday and recorded a two part episode, the first part will go live on Friday September 27th. They are on apple podcasts, google play, podbelly, and several other platforms. Look for them where ever you listen to podcasts. The first episode goes into the history of the farm and the Cambre family. The second part I go over paranormal activity we have had at the house and they talk about the investigation they did on Sunday. It was a great chat and I am excited for you to hear it. The last one will be later this month. I will share more information on that when it happens.

The first weekend of ghost tours is almost completely full. Thank you all for taking the time to book your tour! I will be starting to book the second weekend today. November 1st and 2nd will be our second weekend of tours. Please text 309-221-9803, message us on facebook, or email to make your reservation. Looking forward to seeing you all on the tour!


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