The Barn

The hard work we put in over the summer has finally paid off in a useable barn. When I bought the farm the barn was solid, but mainly a very dusty storage area. Various ideas were debated about updating the barn, including making it into a house (which would have cost as much a building a new house), or just knocking it down. I couldn’t bear the thought of knocking it down, but wasn’t sure where to start on the renovation. Finally this spring I decided on just making it useable.

Last summer during one of our many barn planning sessions we discovered that the floor had considerable dry rot. To the point that we were falling through the floor in spots. So the first step was pulling out all the floor boards. Fortunately the joists underneath were sturdy. I had a termite inspection done, just to be on the safe side and everything looked good there. A friend came to help and redid some of the siding. This was followed by many more barn planning sessions. My contractor has many different plans drawn up for the many different ideas we had. After much planning and discussion I decided I would just work on putting it back together to make it useable and work on adding the grand plans as I have money to do them.

The first step was to put the floor back down. My son and my parents helped add a plywood subfloor. Then we added some temporary walls. Based on the forecast for the weekends of the ghost tours I knew I was going to try to heat the barn somehow and by adding in a wall it would give a smaller area to heat and block off a large opening. My son added some plastic sheeting on the ouside walls to block the breeze and we moved in our patio heater. Some edison lights and we had lighting!

Our first weekend of ghost tours was cold as predicted, however the barn stayed fairly warm and worked well for starting the tours in. Much better than sitting outside on the patio in the rain. I am so happy with this project. It is far from complete, but it is useable. Future plans involve finishing the leanto areas to make them functional as well, and possibly a bathroom.

Ghost Tours, Podcasts, and all the things

0526182048Ghost Tours, Podcasts, and all the things

October is almost here and I have been busy getting ready for our annual ghost tours. If you haven’t been on one, they are a fun experience. So what are ghost tours? Our tour is a paranormal investigation of the farm. The two hour tour gives you an introduction to a paranormal investigation like you see on Ghost Hunters. We often call this Ghost Hunting 101. I cover the types of paranormal activity, including what you might experience at the farm, different types of equipment used to try and document paranormal activity, and give a history of the house including the activity experienced on the farm. The best ghost stories are often those you experience yourself. I cannot guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience on your tour, but I can say that you will have a good time and you might have an experience.

Want to hear me talk about it? I will be on a few podcasts this month. First will be REP Paranormal and Friends which will be live on tonight, September 26th 8/7c. I will chatting with Kim and Allison about the house and paranormal activity. Should be a fun chat! Next up is the Graveyard Shift podcast. The graveyard shift team came to the farm on Sunday and recorded a two part episode, the first part will go live on Friday September 27th. They are on apple podcasts, google play, podbelly, and several other platforms. Look for them where ever you listen to podcasts. The first episode goes into the history of the farm and the Cambre family. The second part I go over paranormal activity we have had at the house and they talk about the investigation they did on Sunday. It was a great chat and I am excited for you to hear it. The last one will be later this month. I will share more information on that when it happens.

The first weekend of ghost tours is almost completely full. Thank you all for taking the time to book your tour! I will be starting to book the second weekend today. November 1st and 2nd will be our second weekend of tours. Please text 309-221-9803, message us on facebook, or email to make your reservation. Looking forward to seeing you all on the tour!


Summer Solstice Ghost Tours and Paranormal Conference

Paranormal investigation of the house and farm. *New this year, Paranormal conference!! 1pm to 4pm Saturday, June 21st and Sunday, June 22nd. Kelly McCarville – Moonspinner, and Chad Derry of Augusta Paranormal well be speaking on their experiences. The house and yard will be open for you to investigate on your own. $5 per person, pay at the gate. Tours both evenings. Group size is limited to 10. Must be over 16. Two-hour tours $20 starting at 6, 7, and 8pm both evenings. Extended length tour 9pm to midnight $40. Must register! Tours fill up and we don’t usually have room for walk-ins. Call or text 309-221-9803 to book.

Summer 2019 Painting Classes

We are planning to have 2 painting classes offered this summer.

Led by artist Amy Provine, we will walk you step by step through creating your own masterpiece.  $25 per person. Class size is limited, so you must register in advance. We provide paints, brushes, and canvas. Bring your own drink and snacks. Learn impressionist brush strokes and coloring. Open to all skill levels. Classes last 3 hours. We are offering two opportunities for this painting. Friday evening at 5 pm, or Saturday afternoon at 1pm. Call or text 309-221-9803 to book.

Cezanne inspired still life will be July 26th at 5pm and also offered July 27th at 1pm

Monet Hay Stacks Landscape will be August 23rd at 5pm and also offered August 24th at 1pm

Summer Solstice Ghost Tours 2019



Paranormal investigation of the house and farm. Tours will be in the evening of June 21st and June 22nd. Group size is limited to 10. Must be over 16. Check back for more details closer to the date.

Memorial Day Open House 2019

Third annual open house and craft show will be May 27th from 10am-4pm. Come enjoy a day at the Cambre House! The house will be open all day for free tours. Vendors will be set up in the yard with crafts and food.
If you are an artist or a crafter that would be interested in showing at our open house, we would love to host you.  Contact us at for more information

Thank you for a great year!

We just wanted to share how pretty our autumn trees are and thank everyone for a great year at the Cambre House!  From Memorial Day to Midsummer, all the painting parties and ghost tours, we had a wonderful time sharing our place with you.  We will be taking time off for holidays and winter and will plan on starting to post 2019 events early next year.  Can’t wait to see you again!  If you didn’t get a chance to join us this year, we hope to catch you next year!

Plan for our 3rd annual Memorial Day open house and craft sale on May 27th, 2019!

Have a wonderful holiday season!  See you soon!

Truck painting party October 20th

New painting class! October 20th at 1pm. The truck painting!!

With special guest artist- Carol Leenerts! Enjoy a fall afternoon painting with us. The truck painting can be personalized with your name, special initials, or a word. We will walk you step by step through this painting. Class is designed for all skill levels beginner through expert! We will walk you step by step through the painting. We provide all materials and supplies. Just bring yourself…. We will provide some drinks and snacks, but feel free to bring something to share! Cost is $25 for this 3 hour class. Now taking sign ups! Call or text Amy at 309-833-5282 to make reservations.



Fall Ghost Tours



During this 2 hour tour learn the history of our house and the Cambre family, how to do a paranormal investigation, and then go with our investigative team on a paranormal investigation using our equipment. $20 per person. Must be older than 16. Must make reservations, tours do sell out. Call or text 309-833-5282 to make reservations.

October 19th at 7, 8, 9 or 10pm
October 20th at 7, 8, 9 or 10pm

October 26th at 7, 8, 9 or 10pm
And after Bootiful Nauvoo! on October 27th at 9 or 10pm  We will open up later tours on this night, too!

Painting Parties and Ghost Tours!

Hello!  We are so excited about our upcoming events!  I just wanted to drop a quick note and say that spaces are filling up fast!!!  If you are interested in either the June 22nd painting party or the June 22nd ghost tours – I do have a few spots left.  Contact us at to reserve your spot!