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Last weekend while Rebecca and I were at the Cambre House, we had a girls night and sipped some wine and made our versions of Monet paintings.  We laughed and chatted about things.  It was a cool and sunny evening so we were painting at the old picnic table outside.  Our kids and their friends were intermittently running through the yard with the puppy.  Amelia had made a place next to us insisting that she paint, too.  Why not?

We discussed what things we have gotten crossed off of our lists and the things that we needed to add. The picnic table that we were at was one.  Leaning to the left a bit too much we had it propped up with tree stumps.  The next morning in the cool breeze we had planned on building a new one or two, whichever we could fit in before the sun started heating up the day.

As it the evening went on we compared our paintings.  Discussed different techniques. “How should I mix this color so that it looks black, but not so dark?”  “What do you think about how this looks?”  “I know that Monet had painted it this way, but I want to add in this.”  “I like those flowers!”  We discussed Monet’s style and what made it unique and also what portions of that we wanted to copy into our own paintings.

Later as it started getting dark we moved our paintings inside. As the kids started settling down for the night they came into admire our work.  Noting how neat they looked and our unique styles.  What a fun way to spend a night!

We want to invite more people to our painting parties!  June 28th and 29th we will open up the farm for you to join us for an evening or afternoon of painting.  Depending on the weather we will host either outdoors or inside.  I will be available to help walk you through the steps in painting, whatever skill level you are at.  We will offer light snacks and water, bring your own beverages.

The cost for the evening/day is $25 and will include the canvas, paints, inspiration and all tools and instructions needed to recreate a work of art.  Sign up and pay for the day class here. Or the evening class here. 

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