Ok… now what?


In October 2016, we were able to purchase the property. Since then we have worked on doing needed repairs and some updates and also planning. So that’s the short version of the story. When will we be done with this project? Probably never. There is always more to do and more that we want to add. Current projects include the yearly upkeep, clearing paths in the woods, residing the house and barn, adding more outdoor gathering areas, eventually we would like to add back in some fruit trees and berries.

This summer we are offering some events, like paint nights & days, gardening days, tours and would like to work on having more open houses and craft shows. In October we will have ghost tours. Watch the facebook page, as we are adding events as we can. Also, we are offering the property to be rented for a day or evening for weddings or other events.

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  1. Found some old Cambre House post cards in some of my dad’s effects and remembered you were working on it. You’re welcome to have them if interested. I can text you a picture if I have a number. Mark from Kraus Furniture

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